The Red Cobras are a group of friends who do not hack or cheat in any game and who enjoy playing the various Call of Duty games as well as other multiplayer games together. The group was originally started on October 31st. 2010. We have members from all over the world and many different backgrounds and as such do not tolerate discrimination in any way. We're not concerned with how many members are in the group, but we are concerned with how well someone fits in with the group.


  1. Treat everyone with respect and as you would like to be treated.
  2. No hacks or cheats of any kind.
  3. You must always wear the Cobra tag }C{. This makes it easier to recognize our members and shows you are proud to be part our family. Also, when we start creating game lobbies we always invite the people wearing the }C{ first.
  4. If you are suspected of cheating in anyway you will be asked to broadcast your games for a period of time so that the leaders can determine if you are in fact cheating. If you do not comply you will be kicked from the group.
  5. If you suspect someone in the group of using cheats, or would like to bring any sort of issue about a group member to the attention of its leadership, then please file a complaint on the website with all the details. Officers are online to play and some have very limited time to do so. Your reported issue will be given the attention it deserves and filing it on the website ensures ALL officers see it and can help investigate/resolve it. There's a link in the very top of the page after logging in with your Steam ID. We do NOT save or steal your password! You'll be redirected to the Steam page to enter your credentials.

If you're interested in joining our group please click the "Clan Application" link at the top of the page and fill out an application. Please keep in mind, however, that We require all applicants to be at least 21 years of age.

Group Leaders:
  • }C{ Baron von Boom
  • ~:}C{Heisenberg:~
Group Admins:
  • *sMA}C{kdAb
  • *}C{ Daedalus
  • *}C{Gho§tLight™
  • *}C{GaT™
  • *}C{ L_VADER

Last updated: 03-09-2017

Welcome to the new Red Cobras website!

Last updated: 06-22-2015